Neon Owl Open Door Session 2022 NYC

King Chronos Meets The Neon Owl

King Chronos had the opportunity to meet Elaine Huang and her brother Raymond Huang, the founders of the Neon Owl community. The movement connects artists and fans to help charities around the world. King Chronos upcoming new single "Rhythm N Vibes" was selected to be presented to some of the top music industry veterans in the EDM genre. The Neon Owl's were accompanied by Adam Scott, Andrew Rayel, John Riccardi, Liquid Todd, Medii, Tomas Heredia and Rico & Milla. This demo listening event was filled with an enormous amount of talent including artists like, Hidden Axis, Alex Prima, Sally OH, DJ SunrYse, K3SS and so many more. King Chronos stated that he loves the community and the feedback received by everyone and is looking forward to future collaborations.


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