Who is King Chronos? - Elegant But Raw

Who is King Chronos? - Elegant But Raw

Written by Alex Wilson

Producer, songwriter and performer King Chronos is all about bringing positive energy; energy not only when it comes to music but energy when it comes to day-to-day life. Mainly focusing on electronic, pop and R&B music, King Chronos wants to encapsulate his passions and perspectives into his music, ensuring an output of feel-good music for all audiences.

Fresh and upcoming, Chronos has already cut his teeth in the industry working and collaborating with artists. Other projects of the artist include the NYM Movement (New York Minute) duo with his brother Hollow.

Growing up in New York City, Chronos was introduced to EDM, techno, trance and house by his older brother Vertigo. Since then, Chronos has been inspired by a diverse variety of acts including Daft Punk, Zedd, Chainsmokers and Loud Luxury.

The unique throw-back synthwave sound crafted by Chronos is a staple in many of his projects. This template of sound allows the artist to meticulously craft different moods within his production. Chronos is always wanting “to transform the mood, [that] is a beautiful thing about music. It means a lot to me that I can console, empower, and bring joy to people through music,” Chronos said.

The most recent track from King Chronos, “Rhythm N Vibes” is another testament to the musician’s groove and character. Quickly amassing thousands of streams, the song easily fell into the lap of music listeners of all backgrounds and ages. While the project was certainly a qualitative success, the track introduced Chronos and his music to a growing audience of fans across the globe. With this most recent success in tow, Chronos plans to release more music and cater more energy to further satiated his audience and fans.

King Chronos and his music can be found on all major streaming services as well as social media @kingchronos_xv.



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